Elect the Revolution 3-6-2014 Inside Free Syrian Areas


Another elections supervised by Syrian Revolution Coordinators' Union (SYRCU) called legitimate elections at the same day in rural areas controlled by the rebels few meters away from the centres of Bashar Al-Assad farce elections.

SYRCU organized an event ‪#‎elect_the_revolution‬ by opening its own counter elections in the liberated areas inside Syria and resort areas of the Syrian people like Al-Zataari camp and Syrian-Turkish borders.

Centrers began to receipt the voters to roll free Syria .

SYRCU published a list of candidates chosen from the Syrian heroes martyred to date while fighting for freedom for the Syrian nation 

There are 20 polling centres in liberated areas across Syria supervised by SYRCU activists, they hanged pictures of the martyrs, freedom mottoes refusing the ludicrousness of the regime farce about blood elections.



The electoral process in the besiged town of Douma in East Goh

Pictures from many poll centers in: Daraa, Al-Zataari camp, Al-Qunitera, Deir Azzor, Syrian-Turkish borders and East Ghota

20 Polling Station 

Damascus province 2 in liberated western 

Damascus sububrs province 2 in eastern Ghouta

Idleb province 1 in Jiser Al-Shoughor

Lattakia province 1 in liberated suburbs 

Aleppo province 3 in Andan, Maraa, and Tel Rifat

Hama province in liberated suburbs

Deir Azzor province in liberated suburbs

Al-Quanitera province 1 in liberated suburbs

Daraa province 1 in liberated areas

Homs province 2 in Al-Rastan and Tadmur

Al-Zataari camp 1 poll electionEast Jordan 1 poll election ( Syrian Wounded Center )

Al-Rihania city 1 in Syrian Refugee Gathering

Antakya ciny 1 in Syrian Refugee Gathering

The list ( A )of Candidates : 

Ibrahim Shaiban


Abo-Sarkes Aljolani 

Ahmad Al-Khalaf 

Houssam Aiash

Hamazh Al-Khatib 

Abd-Alkader Al-Saleh 

Ali Al-Shekh

Ali Babnsi

Ghiath Matar 

Tarek Al-Aswad

Mouhammd Al-Saeed 

Mouhammd Al-Masalemh

Mouhammd Fayad Askar

Mshaal Tammo

Hajer Al-Khatib

Walid Shoubat

This event is a civil activity simulates presidential elections held in about 20 centers. 

SYRCU seeks also to establish this campaign in order not to let the screen media to show only the images of the farce elections which is held by the regime and to be presented to the international media on the same day because the free Syrian people is the one who decide his governor away from the regime's terror and his intelligence agencies and He is the only one who have the legitimacy.

SYRCU members hope to have this activity imapct in determining the countries who have hesitate opinions towards the recognition of the revolution and abandon support for Bashar Al-Assad and recognize him,

and whatever the outcome of these elections are ultimately symbolic significant effect on the memory of the martyrs and a sacrifice concept of that characterized the Syrian tender revolution



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