Damascus – Wednesday, November 28th, 2012


Damascus – Wednesday, November 28th, 2012


Summary of Events



·        Assad’s forces continued shelling al-Hajar al-Asswad and Assali in the south, and clashes were reported in Tadamon amidst a complete cut of all communications in most of the southern parts.

·         Artillery shelling on Joubar leaving a number of serious injuries amongst civilians within the campaign regime had waged on the eastern areas.
·         FSA forces targeted a security checkpoint at the entrance of Qaboun

·        The ongoing military offensive on Kafar Souseh continued and Assad forces stormed and searched houses in Lawwan, while MiG fighters continued shelling the outskirts of Kafar Sousseh and neighboring Darayya in the Suburbs.

·         Four car bombs in Jaramana leaving dozens of casualties and victims



·         Footage of the smoke resulting from shelling the southern parts of Damascus

·         http://youtu.be/lsmiyq9aLoE

·         Footage of a tank shell hitting a residential area in Joubar

·         http://youtu.be/IUGkT8Ifh-w

·         The aftermath of shelling stores in Joubar

·         http://youtu.be/CCj8jBrB0Pc

·         Footage of “Mustafa al-Danab” who was killed under the systematic shelling on Douma in the suburbs

·         https://youtu.be/b87qXZgtuzQ




A statement issued by the Joint Command of the Revolutionary and Military Councils inside Syria
The Joint Command of the Revolutionary and Military Councils inside Syria declares that it holds no responsibility whatsoever and denounce the terrorist bombings perpetrated in Jaramana. We in the Council hold the Syrian Regime responsible for such bombings that have always spread terror and intimidation amongst civilians and minority groups, and here we would like to reiterate that the Syrian Community is and shall remain unified in all its sects and components.

May the mercy of God be upon the martyrs and the victory for our Revolution.


·         Clashes between FSA fighters and Assad forces took place in Tadamon

·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDNentSLjDE

·         FSA fighters attacked a checkpoint at the entrance of Qaboun and killed all members of the checkpoint.

·         Clashes on the outskirts of Qaboun, Joubar and Adawi orchards (all in the east) continued.

·         FSA fighters targeted a bus transporting Shabiha on the Southern Ring Road and killed everyone inside, it was followed with gunfire by Shabiha who were already at the site as they were trying to hide or escape.

Damascus Suburbs

·         FSA fighters were able to thwart an attack by Assad forces to storm Zamalka, destroying a T72 tank and partly damaging another one and killing and injuring 25 member of the Assad forces.

·         FSA fighters destroyed one tank and killed 9 of Assad forces in the clashes between FSA and Assad forces in the battle for Darayya all amidst several flights of MiG fighters and shelling on the area.

·         FSA fighters attacked and destroyed a military truck killing all members inside near regiment 216 in al-Tal. The communication detachment, the guarding detachment and the officers building in Harneh was attacked also destroying them completely in addition to BMB troops carrier and killing more than 50 of Assad forces.

·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeYDW-2Nmo0

·         http://www.facebook.com/LwaAlnsrFyAlqlmwn

Footage of the operation

·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVedC8hdHpI

·         FSA fighters attacked a checkpoint on al-Nabek Bridge by detonating a mine killing two officers and three soldiers, in addition to wounding two other officers, destroying Shilka vehicle and hitting a tank.

·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B68GV9m9PGY

·         FSA fighters were able to storm the third borders guard battalion on the Jordanian-Syrian Borders, which is considered to be the largest base for the borders’ guards on the borders between the two countries. This would open the road for FSA fighters between Jordan and Syria in 16 KMs depth.

·         FSA fighters were able to arrest a number of Assad forces and wounding others in an ambush set up on the road to al-Sarkhah orchards in Kalamoun.

·         Pilot Colonel Muhammad Tawfiq Ali was arrested by FSA from Marj al-Sultan Military Airport in Eastern Gota, in addition to arresting a member of Shabiha thugs in Eastern Gota who has confessed his crimes perpetrated against civilians including killing four civilians in Midan

·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wcd_SCObddA

·         Footage of forming Ibad al-Rahman Brigade affiliated to the Revolutionary Military Council of Damascus and its Suburbs

·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m58eoG1JBrU



·         Activists and residents in Joubar staged a demonstration of anger against shelling their town and the ongoing air raids against Zamalka and Eastern Gota, in addition to saluting the FSA and calling for the fall of the regime.

·         http://youtu.be/GAdfWU1amWU



·         All communications were cut off in the southern parts of Damascus all day long, in addition to a cut of the electricity power in many areas for more than 16 hours

·         21:45 shelling the southern parts of Damascus from the State Security Branch

·         Footage showing smoke plumes resulting from shelling the southern areas of Damascus

·         http://youtu.be/jt7vt9A51Ik

·         http://youtu.be/dpbbPVx-S3c

·         Footage showing a female soldier (for the first time) on the checkpoint in the capital city

·         http://youtu.be/u8R0HGGi1Y0

|| al-Hajar al-Asswad ||
·         The area came under shelling since the early morning

·         Footage showing the mass destruction in the area due to shelling by different means

·         http://youtu.be/4IQ5ei3lwgM

·         http://youtu.be/isgbb27TMko

·         http://youtu.be/1vrMvXHeH1c

|| Assali ||
·         Heavy artillery, rocket launchers and mortar shelling since the early morning on Assali and Sbeineh. This resulted in a number of injuries

·         http://youtu.be/lsmiyq9aLoE

|| Bab Sreijeh ||
·         Assad forces made a campaign of storming and arrests in the area since the early morning. One of the arrestees is Sheikh Nizar al-Kurdi, the Imam and preacher of al-Dahabi Mosque in Kaber Atika. He is the son of a well known and very respected Sheikh  the late Sheikh Muheiy Eddin al-Kurdi

|| Kafar Sousseh ||
·         Assad forces stormed houses in Lawan applying thorough search in the houses and breaking front doors and furniture amidst heavy deployment in the area.

·         Photo of the smoke plumes in the area resulting from shelling

·         http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=532505440095786

|| Rukn Eddin ||
·         Heavy deployment of Assad forces in their vehicles

·         A checkpoint in the area today forced young men to dismount from buses and stopped pedestrians to check their military status, whether they have done their military service or not.

|| Joubar ||
·         5:30 pm | a number of serious injuries were reported due to a tank shell hitting a residential area

·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF22tpMVtHs

·         Footage shooting the moment the shell landed in a residential building

·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUGkT8Ifh-w

·         Footage showing the vast destruction caused by the shelling

·         http://youtu.be/zwa87yOp8qc

·         http://youtu.be/WcbPIoGJ5Qg

·         http://youtu.be/CCj8jBrB0Pc

·         Shrapnel of the tank shell in one of the houses

·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpNFaLplHMY

·         Footage of the damages in private property due to the shelling

·         http://youtu.be/1obBEBg0cwI


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