A Press Release

A Press Release
The Syrian Revolution Coordinator’ Union
Mr. Vladimir Putin, righteousness has strength which tyrants do not see or believe in…
On the occasion of Russia calling for a meager "dialogue" between the dictator and some Syrian opposition figures, The Syrian Revolution Coordinators’ Union finds no harm in reminding people of the negotiation experience in Geneva, which the coalition experienced, carrying some of the demands of the rebels.
Prior to holding those meetings in Geneva, the Union published a sheet with logical conditions which explains the demands of the wider segment of the rebels of Syria to sit at the negotiation table.
The Union believed that any mediator seeking to manage a negotiation which yields the commencement of a political solution, has to oblige the regime to have goodwill initiatives; the least of which are:
• To stop the killing machine and all forms of abuse against civilians; including the bombing, raids, executions, arrests, and siege.
• To have the regime of Al-Assad’s family provide a statement of the situation of all the detainees by the security forces and the army, and immediately release all civilian detainees.
Of course, these meetings failed because Al-Assad’s regime is still lacking what it claims it can give to the Syrian people; freedom, dignity, and stability.
Nowadays, through Russia's entirely suspicious attempts, it is hard for the Syrians to grant the least confidence levels for this mediator after what was done by the Russian government of infinite support to the dictator’s regime in his war against the Syrian people, either by providing him with weapons or by repeatedly supporting him in the Security Council, by using its veto that has breached humanitarian norms for the first time in history, and has overthrown the credibility of the United Nations and its Charter.
Since the start of the revolution, Russia has linked its interests with the remaining of the rule of Al-Assad’s family, even if it were on the ruins of Syria and the remains of its children. Today, as Russia is seeking to represent the role of a mediator in a dialogue looking for a political solution, we cannot help but notice that it is seeking gains for Al-Assad family, in the midst of the expansion of conflicts in the region.
Thus, the Syrian Revolution Coordinators’ Union believes that Russia seeks only to improve the shape of the dictatorial regime and reap the gains after what the International Alliance has caused of confusion with regard to the advance of the revolution forces.
The arbitration of political processes to the so-called Balance of Power, with regard to the Syrian revolution, is nothing but a crime against humanity. The Syrian people will not succumb to whatever wounds they might suffer; towards achieving the triumph of their revolution and their complete freedom.
Based on this, our message is summed up, Mr. Vladimir Putin, as righteousness has strength which tyrants do not see or believe in... The struggle of the Syrian people is remaining and continuing until they topple the regime of the dictator and establish the country of the desired justice on all regions of Syria and death is the only thing which will prevent us from achieving this goal.
Long live Syria, free and proud
May God’s mercy and peace be upon the martyrs, may He heal the wounded, and grant freedom to our prisoners.
17 Raby` Al-Awwal, 1436, corresponding to January 7th ,2015

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